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在说明技术之前,首先要强调的是心态。狙击枪像AK47、M4等突击步枪一样没有超速度,狙击枪只有在发射时才有准星,所以不能像步枪一样高机动,突击舰艇决不是狙击枪的精髓。狙击枪的杀伤力大,远距离瞄准为特点,所以耐心和等待是狙击手必备的素质。29 14:00 [mobile detail] log onto 4399 game box, enter square activity list or hand to swim mobile zone participates in sign in activity to be able to win award of corresponding sign in.

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And no matter inchoate game because pilfer edition reason, do not have PC version very much more, certain and classic work resembles be PSP version " Ares: Catenary of Si Zhi of abstruse Lin Pi " , " Ares: Si Bada is ghostliness " wait, I also want to be in PS4 is the experience on the PS5 that is about to roll out even, of course, complete refashion crosses premise.

【特点】蹲伏在原地,前后移动,打开瞄准镜,瞄准一点瞄准镜,看到敌人出现时以最快的速度瞄准敌人,然后开枪。, use gold apple can participate in guess, forecast the victory or defeat of every match.

is brand-new lamp of travel of blueness of world of float of god of SP rank type (CV: Nai of water tree Nai) advent makes the same score An Jing!

在熟悉的地图敌人经常出没的地方反复练习反应速度和准确性。to fill in recruit questionnaire “

This this outside dagger partner advocate sow Jin Bang, whether break through a tight encirclement become a day to choose arrogant child, the lock decides QQ celebrity contest to expect please!

很多新手要争半天才能选择开枪,这是错误的。我们必须先练习速度,遇到敌人后,尽量瞄准,然后开枪。当你的反应速度足够快的时候,并逐步进行正确的练习。Need us to be in 24 only - 30 accumulative total logins 5 days to be able to be gotten between date!


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作为自己的沙坑的箱子或墙一旦确定在外面有敌人,就打开瞄准镜,慢慢向外移动,瞄准镜落在敌人身上,就迅速射击。Recommend related: DNF hand swims engineer La Tie the 5th period: Blow feels constitute element specially good effect hand of symphonious effect DNF swims engineer La Tie the 3rd period: Blow feeling models medium behavioral DNF hand to swim engineer La Tie first phase: Blow feeling models more and wonderful content to all be in " DNF hand swims " zoneOn April 30, as " Ao Laxing " the hand swims newest version " too first vestigial " open, start a life 3 a group of things with common features last spokesman rises to surface eventually, afterwards emperor is repaired dark after spirit of military of battle of triumphant emperor, life, the king of wolf of dark night gentleman of demon a group of things with common features appears formally also, ace battle group builds up end, is next achieving guided in theirs world 3 a group of things with common features final whether open abstruse ancient the secret with 5 vestigial king?敌人不知道你在哪里,你在暗处,敌人在明亮的地方,所以主动权在你手里。Rise and fall for instance errant girl —

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找到合适的地图掩体,慢慢移动,向敌人射击。Colour boat is flagging poplar, thorough lotus goes.

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[特征]掩体后反弹,在空中同时打开瞄准镜,看到敌人后直接瞄准,杀死敌人。Because this finishs one bureau game to need the left and right sides 5 minutes only probably, sufficient and integrated the player"s fragment spends time, go up easily at any time and place pair of battle with one bureau exciting insecurity, so I am willing to say more for “

Above all, the category of toy of doodle canister vest in, do not belong to cast weapon, but can come out its switch through the switch pushbutton of cast weapon.

选择有掩体和较远的地图,可以发挥狙击枪瞄准镜的优点。During the activity, participate in an activity, activation too the eye first obtains the bond that appoints a requirement to be able to win day of mind that take drive / developmental / breakthrough configuration, more but this day illuminates open drive god is powerful characteristic in a limited time, aid you to be in too first vestigial expeditionary in press forward with indomitable will!

[summary] this second run graph training is optimized, very big promotion got on free sex, run without what manacle the graph trains, can let the our more relaxed breakthrough that seeks tactics, explore more possibilities!

多练习,掌握跳跃、镜像、瞄准的时机和调整能力,新手经常开枪。如果太快瞄准或不跑,就开枪。不允许那种弹道。好了,这次说明到此为止。希望对你们有帮助!下次再见~ ~


Gao Tian spends behavior of appointment gut, CG, animation, AI, Live2D like the story in the past, present story, story that CP does business, Galgame, part music, CV(plans Ing) to wait a moment, it is you can be in " incorporeal tide " in the one part that feels.